【2021/03/20】「STU48 課外活動公演」 ~兵頭 葵 生誕祭~ レポート

2021/03/20(土)SKE48 課外活動公演
2021/03/20(土・祝)18:00 ~ @STU48船上劇場
Sat, Mar 20, 2021 at 18:00 in STU48 Shipboard Theater
出典元(Source):STU48 LIVE!! ON DEMAND

・出演メンバー/Cast members

勝手に!四国観光大使/Katteni! Shikoku Kanko Taishi

セットリスト/Set lists

注意事項案内(兵頭)/Precautions Guide(Aoi-chan)
影アナ(全員)/Shadow announcement(All members)
 Fukuchan:There's CUCA in Kagawa!
       Until the end point, Let's all that charm of many Shikoku has to offer enjoy them
       with together "Katteni! Shikoku Kanko Taishi"!
0. Overture ~STU48 ver~
1. 野菜シスターズ【AKB48】/Yasai Sisters
2. オーマイガー!【NMB48】/Oh Mai Ga!
3. ラッキーセブン【AKB48】/Lucky Seven
4. チャイムは LOVE SONG【SKE48】/Chime wa LOVE SONG
・ユニット紹介/Unit introduction(福田[Fukuchan])
・写真撮影①(20歳ポーズ)/Gathering for a photo shoot①(20 year old pose)
・自己紹介/Self-introduction(沖[Okichan] ⇒ 中村[MaiQ] ⇒ 谷口[Mahina] ⇒ 兵頭[Aoi] ⇒
 福田[Fukuchan] ⇒ 榊[CUCA])
5. てもでもの涙【AKB48】(谷口・中村)/Temodemo no Namida[Mahina・MaiQ]
6. Seventeen【AKB48】(谷口・福田・沖)[Mahina・Fukuchan・Okichan]
7. 涙の湘南【AKB48】(榊・兵頭・沖・中村・福田)/
Namida no Shounan[CUCA・Aoi・Okichan・MaiQ・Fukuchan]
8. 君と僕の関係【AKB48】(榊・兵頭)/Kimi to Boku no Kankei[CUCA・Aoi]
MC①:4周年コンサートについて/About the 4th Anniversary Concert

  [Fukuchan:In Kagawa, Anna wanted to do "Kimi to Niji to Taiyo to"
         but the dance was more difficult than I expected!]

  [MaiQ:Ehime performed "Accident Chuu", but there were lines and Aoi-chan arranged the lines]

  [Mahina:Tokushima performed "Shoot Sign", and Fukuchan said "Only Mahi-chan can do Shoot Sign"!]

  兵頭、榊 登場/Aoi-Chan and CUCA appear
MC②:あおいちゃんについて/About Aoi-chan

  [CUCA:Aoi-chan and I simply talk a lot]

  [Mahina:I talk a lot too, we used to talk for like 4 hours at the end of a Youtube shoot!]

  [MaiQ:She's been a real help to me, and she teaches me so much about dancing!]

  [Okichan:Aoi-sensei's room is really beautiful!]

  [Mahina:Hey, this MC looks like the one I'll do later!]

9. 絶滅黒髪少女【NMB48】/Zetsumetu Kurokami Shoujo
10. チーム四国推し ~勝手に!四国観光大使ver~(Arranged by AKB48【チームB推し】)/
Team Shikoku Oshi -Katteni! Shikoku Kanko Taishi ver.-
11. 思春期のアドレナリン!【AKB48 Team 8 WEST】/Shishunki no Adrenaline!
12. ペダルと車輪と来た道と/Pedal to Sharin to Kita Michi to
MC③:あおいちゃんについて(延長戦)/About Aoi-chan(Extra innings)

  [Fukuchan:I loved Aoi-chan so much that I thought I wouldn't be live today!
        And she's also the leader at Aoi-Himawari, so she's always very active!]
13. ファンレター【AKB48】/Fan Letter
14. 抑えきれない衝動【AKB48 ウェイティングサークル】/Osaekirenai Shoudou【AKB48 Waiting circle】
15. 10年桜【AKB48】/10 Year Sakura
16. フェリー【NMB48】/Ferry
En1. オキドキ【SKE48】/O-Ki-Do-Ki
En2. サングラスと打ち明け話【NMB48(研究生)】/
Sunglass to Uchiakebanashi【NMB48 Research student】
En3. 海の色を知っているか?/Umi no Iro wo Shitteruka?
En4. ひこうき雲【AKB48】/Hikouki Gumo
終演/End of performance (福田[Fukuchan]:ちょっとまったー! [Oh,hang on/Chotto Matta!])

兵頭 葵 生誕祭(Hyodo Aoi Birthday party)

・全員で合唱(Chorus with all members):Happy Birthday to You
 Letter from Aoi-chan's mother[read on behalf by Fukuchan]
・あおいちゃん、生誕スピーチ(抜粋)/Birthday sppech From Aoi-chan

  There're so many things I want to do, and I feel like I haven't done them yet.
   When I thought about what I can do, I realized that Aoi-Himawari is the only thing I can do,
   and I want to make into a big unit, and since I don't have a position in the Bokutachi no Koi no Yokan
   performance of Our Premonition of Love, I'd like to join all the positions at some point.

   Now that I'm 20 years old, I've discovered that I'm pretty strong when it comes to drinking,
   so I'm looking forward to working with alcohol!