【2022/02/06】STU48 課外活動 「勝手に!四国観光大使」公演 〜谷口 茉妃菜 生誕祭〜 レポート

2022/02/06(日)STU48 課外活動 「勝手に!四国観光大使」公演 〜谷口 茉妃菜 生誕祭〜
2022/02/06(日)18:30 ~ @広島クラブクアトロ
Sun, Feb 6 2022 at 18:30 in HIROSHIMA CLUB QUATTRO
出典元(Source):STU48 LIVE!! ON DEMAND

・出演メンバー/Cast members

勝手に!四国観光大使/Katteni! Shikoku Kanko Taishi

セットリスト/Set lists

影アナ・注意事項案内(谷口)/Shadow announcement and Precautions Guide (Mahina)
0. Overture ~STU48 ver~
1. チャイムはLOVE SONG【SKE48】/Chime wa LOVE SONG
2. 海の色を知っているか?/Umi no Iro wo Shitteruka?
3. 希望的リフレイン【AKB48】/Kibouteli Refrain
4. ヘタレたちよ(センター:中村)/Hetaretachi yo (Center: MaiQ)
・写真撮影①/Gathering for a photo shoot①
 谷口[Mahina] ⇒ 中村[MaiQ] ⇒ 川又あ[Anna] ⇒ 沖[Okichan] ⇒ 福田[Fukuchan] ⇒ 兵頭[Aoi-chan]
5. てもでもの涙【AKB48】(谷口・中村)/Temodemo no Namida[Mahina・MaiQ]
6. 初恋の鍵【AKB48 チームサプライズ】(沖・川又あ)/
Hatshukoi no Kagi【AKB48 Team Surprise】[Okichan・Okichan]
7. 君と僕の関係【AKB48】(福田・兵頭)/Kimi to Boku no Kankei[Fukuchan・Aoi-chan]
8. 絶滅黒髪少女【NMB48】/Zetsumetu Kurokami Shoujo
9. 君はメロディー【AKB48】/Kimi wa Melody
10. パンパン パパパン【NMB48 Team M】/Panpan Papapan
11. 思春期のアドレナリン【AKB48 Team 8 WEST】/shishunki no Adrenaline
12. 今、Happy【AKB48 Baragumi】/Ima, Happy
En1. 夢をガラス瓶の中に/Yume wo Garasubin no Naka ni
En2. Pioneer【AKB48 Team A】
  本日の感想(川又あ、沖)/Today's Thoughts (Anna, Okichan)
En3. ひこうき雲【AKB48】/Hikouki Gumo

Aoi-chan: Everyone, let's give some love to Mahina for the last song!
終演/End of performance (兵頭[Aoi-chan]:ちょっとまったー! [Oh,hang on/Chotto Matta!])

谷口 茉妃菜 生誕祭(Taniguchi Mahina Birthday Festival)

・全員で合唱(Chorus with all members):Happy Birthday to You
・ファンの皆様からのお手紙(代読:兵頭)/Letter from a fan[read on behalf is Aoi-chan]
・中村舞からのお手紙/Letter from MaiQ


"When I'm with Mahina-san, I feel very relaxed and even though you're Senpai,
I don't have to worry about anything in a good way!
I hope you'll continue to be Mahina-san in your 22 years of age, attracting many people,
and I hope you'll continue to be my friend!"

・まひな、生誕スピーチ(抜粋)/Birthday sppech From Mahina


"In 2021, I had the opportunity to meet people I hadn't seen in a long time and to start
a new job, it was a year of progress for me.

As for my goals for 22, I'm planning to do something.
I haven't told anyone about it yet, but I have a hunch that it will be psychic,
so I'm going to talk to the management about it soon!

I don't want to repeat the same year over and over again,
so I'm going to try my best to be myself again this year for a new evolution!"

・写真撮影②/Gathering for a photo shoot②